YouTube embeds without third party trackers.

YouTube embeds without third party trackers.

For example

How does it work?

1. Provide the YouTube-code

Paste your originial YouTube embed-code, the ID or the video URL in the field above, and press the button.

tubemp detects what video you want, downloads the thumbnail for it and re-creates a thumbnail from it.

There is a simple JSON API version

2. tubemp creates an image that looks like a youtube-player

Copy and paste the code you get onto your site. You can either choose to place a simple image, or one that has a YouTube play icon sticked to it.
This code links to the original video-page on YouTube. The image is served from the tubemp server and domain.

3. Third party trackers?

When you place the default YouTube-embed-code on your site, Google (who owns YouTube) can, and will, track all the visitors of your site!
You, or your users may not like that. In many countries there are even laws and regulations that don't allow you to place things (like embed-codes, ads) on your site that allow third parties to track your visitors.